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The Benefits How Virtual Assistants Can Help Your Business

Reduce Cost

Boost the performance of your contact center agents with an average of 33% by adding a virtual assistant chatbot to help.

Engaging Experience

$83 billion are lost each year to poor customer service experience. Increase the customer engagement with a chatbot assistant that really helps.

Available 24/7

Provide 24/7 self-service to your customers or employees by using a virtual chatbot assistant.

  • Hi. You are talking to ACME bank virtual assistant. How can I help you?
  • Hello.
  • I need a loan to buy a car.
  • Used or a new car?
  • Used one.
  • Ok, we have small personal loans for that purpose.
  • What do you want to do next?
    • Apply
    • More Info

Different & Innovative

Conversational AI and UI can help you scale and give your business an unmistakable edge.

Extended Reach

Typical channels like email and social media have around 10 to 20% open rates. Messaging can boost that to 90%.

How Helps Solutions

Chatbots are transforming how people interact with technology. They are the natural and engaging way to connect to your customers and users. See how chatbots help the transformation happen today.

Jump Start Program Get a Real Chatbot in 2 Weeks

We can build a proof of concept chatbot for your business case. In just 2 weeks. Try an easy and inexpensive way to see if the conversational UIs are a good fit for you.

Custom-built chatbot

We'll talk to you about your use case and requirements. Then we'll build a chatbot for you—integrated with your systems and deployed to your channels.

Up and running in 2 weeks

In 2 weeks (or less) we'll build a real chatbot that you can beta test with your colleagues, management and end customers.

No risk engagement

You get your POC chatbot for a fixed price and within a fixed timeframe. No surprises and long-term commitments.

Best practices & consulting

As part of the Jump Start Kit, you get free consultation and best practices advice on how to build your company's chatbot.


Proof of Concept Bot
Our team will build a proof of concept chatbot for you in under 2 weeks


  • Social media integration
  • 2 weeks custom development
  • Single language
  • Requirements analysis
  • 3 months subscription
  • Can be upgraded to Standard

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Testimonials Customer Success

Enabling our patients to book appointments using a chatbot on social media is an excellent addition to our strategy for health and care excellence!

Ivan Todorov, Marketing Director in Dr. Shterev Hospital
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