Get a Proof of Concept Chatbot in 2 Weeks

We'll develop a custom solution for you. Integrated with your systems and channels.

Jump Start Program What is it?

A chatbot developed on the platform by the team.

A Darvin.AI-based chatbot for Shterev Hospital.

Custom-built chatbot

We'll talk to you about your use case and requirements. Then we'll build a chatbot for you—integrated with your systems and deployed to your channels.

Up and running in 2 weeks

In 2 weeks (or less) we'll build a real chatbot that you can beta test with your colleagues, management and end customers.

No risk engagement

You get your POC chatbot for a fixed price and within a fixed timeframe. No surprises and long-term commitments.

Best practices & consulting

As part of the Jump Start Kit, you get free consultation and best practices advice on how to build your company's chatbot.

ChecklistIs it for you?

  1. Not sure if you'll really need a chatbot at all

    Why spend time and money on something that might not even be the best bet for your specific case. chatbot is an easy way to test fit chatbots. Fail is an option, but it shouldn't be an expensive one.

  2. No in-house expertise on building chatbots

    Chatbot development is a new ground for most companies and developers. So instead of doing by yourself, leverage the experience of the team for first class results.

  3. Need something fast without investing time to learn new technology

    Learning a new technology is always an option. But it takes time and money. Jump start your chatbot research with the help of Darvin.AI team and if you like the result - continue on your own.

CompareProof of Concept vs. Production Ready

POC Production
Conversational Intelligence Yes Yes
Rich UI Yes Yes
System Integration Yes Yes
Data Training Yes Yes
Distribution Social Media Social Media + Web
3rd Party Authentication Yes Yes
Language Support English Multi-language
Usage Up to 200 users Unlimited
Support 3 months 12 months
Languages 1 Up to 55
Consulting & Services Up to 2 weeks On request

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