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Dr. Shterev Hospital

Reduced the workload for the Hospital's Contact Center by 30%. Improved customer satisfaction ratings. Facilitated by a chatbot.


Dr. Shterev Hospital is specialized in pregnancy, assisted reproductive technologies and general gynecological care. With more than 500 daily calls from patients, the hospital looked for a way to automate some of the most frequent tasks.


Using, the Dr. Shterev Hospital built a chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Viber that enables patients to book doctor appointments. Using Natural Language Processing to understand random user intents, the platform collects the required data from the conversation and stores it in the hospital ERP system.


Reduce repetitive work load by 30% for the hospitals contact center staff while patients can book appointments 24/7 without waiting for operators during peak hours. The team has more time to spend on patients calls that require deeper engagement and have bigger impact on the customer quality scores.

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Success Story

Dr. Shterev Hospital is a state of the art medical facility, where the foundation of modern reproductive medicine in Bulgaria was laid by introduction of the most innovative medical technologies and methods. With its 30-years successful history in the field of assisted reproduction the team of the clinic has helped thousands of Bulgarian women and families to complete their dream for a child.

We had a chance to catch up with Ivan Todorov, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Marketing Manager for Dr. Shterev Hospital, and talk about their experience with and their expectations from the investment.

What’s the amount of customer inquiries you receive every day? And how are they distribute between social media, phone and emails? Who is answering them and how much time does it take?

Our Contact Center is serving daily between 300 and 500 customer calls, 20-40 emails and around 15-30 questions on social media. About 50-60% of the phone calls are related to booking appointments with our doctors or checking their schedule. This makes about 150-250 daily phone calls that are taking a significant amount of our Contact center capacity, and we felt that we can optimize this process by building a chatbot on top of

Can you estimate the amount of time and effort you expect to save by integrating a chatbot in your customer communication process?

The chatbot will make three major improvements on top of our existing process. First, we expect the capacity required to fulfill patients calls to drop by 30% which is currently used to answer phone calls and inquiries about doctor’s schedule and appointments. This will empower our team to answer more patients calls that require deeper engagement and have bigger impact on our customer quality scores. Also, patients that want to book an appointment during peak hours of operations won’t have to wait on hold until our Contact center is able to respond. Our third goal is to increase our reach to patients. Based on our experience in the reproductive medicine sector, and the specific type of health services we provide, our type of patients prefer much more online communication, rather than direct voice call with a person. Using the chatbot we developed on top of, our patients will be able to book appointments directly on social media without having to make phone calls anymore.

Why is it important for you to use the latest trends and technologies in the healthcare sector?

Dr. Shterev Hospital has always been a pioneer and a leader in integrating the latest methods and technologies in obstetrics, gynaecology, reproductive and fetal medicine. Our long-term strategy in the last 5 years has been to increase our investment not only in the cutting edge healthcare technologies, but also in our patient care services. That is why, we are heavily investing in latest trends and technologies in the digital marketing and social media with a promise to increase our care excellence.

Thanks to Progress and their new product, we can push the envelope in Bulgaria on the latest trends such as artificial intelligence and chatbots.

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