Our Vision

Our vision is that people will interact with software in their own way instead of following a predefined flow setup for them by developers. In the future, apps will be cognizant of how the users are using them and will auto-adapt their behavior accordingly.

But before we achieve this vision with Darvin.ai in mobile, desktop and web, we will start with our first channel - chatbots. Why chatbots? Because they allow a natural flow and non-linear interaction with software by definition, and are also growing as a market opportunity. Gartner predicts that by 2019, 40% of enterprises will be actively using chatbots to facilitate business processes using natural-language interactions.

Our strategy follows 4 simple steps:

  1. Create a chatbot that solves a business problem in a specific niche
  2. Introduce a chatbot platform for software companies or teams to conquer the niche and become a gorilla
  3. Use our leadership position in the niche to expand in other markets with a potential of $1 Billion
  4. Introduce mobile as a new channel in the platform, and create behaviour apps that follow non-linear UI

Darvin.ai will need to move the perception of chatbots in a specific niche from technology enthusiasts experimenting with the technology to visionaries who find a practical use of it. This step will help us understand the challenges businesses face to integrate chatbots in their current processes. This will also help us grow our domain expertise in the space.

Once we build a chatbot that is used by a few visionary customers, we will start building the foundation of our technology around it. First enabling customers to customize and personalize their bot, and second teach their chatbots to interpret new scenarios.

In order to expand in a specific niche and cross the chasm, we need to start selling to the technology providers of our visionary customers who will fuel us forward to capture the market and become a gorilla in the niche moving us to the mainstream market of pragmatists. After that expand to a new vertical will be a fairly straight-forward process.

Once we have build our leadership position and have a strong ML and AI technology foundation, we will introduce new channels like mobile. You will build behaviour mobile apps that follow non-linear UI and adapt to each person.

We will help people use a technology at their own pace. Our goal is to liberate people from serving technology and make technology help people.

-Hristo Borisov, Co-founder Darvin.ai @ Progress

Darvin.ai is a product of Progress. Tens of thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on Progress technology.