We look forward to work closely with technology companies to provide competitive solutions based on AI to our customers.

Become a Partner

You can build chatbots 15 times faster and 2 times cheaper than current market alternatives. offers technology ecosystem and channel partnerships that aligns with your business drive towards AI and chatbot technologies. Expand your product portfolio, gain a competitive edge, and increase your revenue.

Our technology partner program is ideal for companies that are in the same ecosystem and adjacent space to and benefit from having an interoperable solution.

Here are some of the benefits you will realize when you add our AI/NLP based chatbot solution to your product portfolio:

Expand your product portfolio

Differentiate yourself in the market with AI technologies

Increase revenue and margins

Generate incremental and recurring revenue

Rely on cutting-edge technologies

Learn from best practices in our ecosystem

In return, the team will give you access to all necessary resources to build intelligent chatbots on top of that are not limited by predefined paths by developers.


Standard License
Your development team will use to build & deploy a chatbot.

$9,999 / year

  • Facebook integration
  • Choice of 72 languages
  • Development portal
  • 12 month subscription
  • Viber integration ($999)
  • Slack integration ($999)
  • Website chat widget ($1,999)
  • Mobile chat widget ($1,999)
  • Custom chat widget ($2,999) is a product of Progress. Tens of thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on Progress technology.